Clean Energy Project-related Presentations

Dr. Jonah Fogel, Community Viability Specialist, Virginia Cooperative Extension
Presentation on Energy Aspects of Community Planning & Regulations
YouTube Video

Robert Lane, Extension Specialist Seafood, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech & Extension, Energy Considerations at a Fish Farm

Dr. Jactone Arogo Ogejo, Extension Specialist, Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech & Extension, Presentation on Anaerobic Digesters: Biomethane Production from Dairy Manure

Dr. Henry Quesada, Presentation on Lean Manufacturing Concepts and Tools

Dr. David Sample, Extension Specialist, Dept. Biological Systems Engineering, VT Presentation on Aspects of Energy Usage and Runoff Reduction Associated with Green Roofs

Dr. Paul Stackhouse Jr., Senior Research Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center (USA), Presentation Discussing the Collaboration Between NASA and RETScreen & Near Real-Time Solar and Meteorological Data for Monitoring Building Energy Systems using RETScreen International’s Performance Analysis Module